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  2. Photographer Deliberately Disorients the Senses

  3. Works by Yash Holbrook in Leonberg’s “Der Kunstclub” Gallery

  4. Leonberg. American photographer Yash Holbrook’s photos are marked by a view of beauty in detail and by unusual perspectives. He steps out in his first exhibition in Michael Schönpflug’s newly opened gallery “Der Kunstclub”.  

  5. — Article by Rainer Enke, Leonberger Kreiszeitung, 7 May 2009

  6.   Yash Holbrook was born in 1964 in Maryland. Since childhood he has been fascinated by photography, and at 19 he acquired his first analog single lens reflex camera, which accompanied him for almost half his life. It enabled him to develop his hobby.

  7.   Today Holbrook shoots digital. The political scientist explores international relations in Eurasia, including currently for the US military. He has lived in London, Moscow, and Lyon, and has traveled for work to countries like Kazakhstan, Bolivia*, or Azerbaijan. He has brought back snapshots from these locations and travels, and today his camera is almost always with him. “I often just stop during my bike rides or driving in my car when I see an extraordinary detail or I discover an interesting perspective,” says Holbrook about his spontaneous work approach. At the same time, his photographs are carefully constructed, from the precise choice of subject, to the composition of the details, the choice of adjustments, and the high-gloss prints in various formats.

  8.   As he puts it, he loves photography, and that comes out strongly in his pictures. Straight lines, shapes, curves, and light are elements that, in themselves, are often overlooked. But Yash Holbrook has an eye for capturing visual beauty and suspense in the combination of those elements, removing them from their context. This creates effects that come out with careful attention. Through this approach he gives his subjects a new meaning, a different beauty.

  9.   He is displaying images in three themes at the Kunstclub gallery: photos from his travels, nature images, and detail photographs. The travel pictures show peculiarities of buildings, striking landscapes, ordinary things strikingly emphasized in detail. A wrought-iron spiral staircase appears delicate, filigree, almost weightless above the sea, striving to the sky, in a dense black and white photo of a spiral staircase at the Royal Palace in Corfu. Here we see an overlap between the travel and the details photography. A water spout shaped like an animal at a fountain acquires, through the composition, a special plasticity. Water drops on a pane of glass work like a patterned, beaded curtain.

  10.   A marker stone, grown over with green and shot from above, creates an interesting contrast to the forest floor covered with red pine needles. Yash Holbrook impressively captures seasonal atmospheres in forests, mighty tree-tops, shrouds of mist behind foliage, mysterious perspectives. Holbrook presents reflections in water in a fascinating way. He portrays, for example, a canal embankment as an image in its own right on the smooth surface of the water. The senses are disoriented. He sees a cliff formation as “Three Trolls”; look at it for a few moments and it will reveal itself. Holbrook displays humor in titling his photos: “Looking for the Way In” shows two pigeons sitting atop a window frame. The shutters beneath them are closed.

  11. INFO: Yash Holbrook’s photo exhibit “Anything But Ordinary [German name translated] / ExtraOrdinary [English name]” is showing until 14 June at gallery “Der Kunstclub”, Zwerchstraße 6, 71229 Leonberg.

  12. * Note “Bolivia”: Journalist somehow misheard “Bolivia” when I said “Bahrain”. – YH

Publication – Review of “ExtraOrdinary” Solo Show