Born into a military family, I have been moving since day one. Although my degrees and career focus on political science and international relations, I’ve been fascinated by capturing visual moments ever since a family friend took me, at the age of ten, to shoot and develop black and white snaps of a reenactment of Tombstone Arizona’s infamous “Gunfight at the OK Corral”. I’ve been shooting quasi-seriously, in many corners of the world, since 1984. Since 2003 and the development of quality digital equipment, I’ve been able to explore in greater depth the subjects that grab my attention, and I’ve developed a distinctive way of expressing how I see the world.

Aesthetic:  Whether it’s through travel shots, images of nature, or simply abstractions of lines and color, it’s often the unexpected details that catch my eye. Things people see every day but often don’t notice. Some common reactions I get are “What is that?”, “I would never have noticed that”, and “Never would have imagined taking a picture of that”.

Shooting style:  Handheld, mobile. I tend to think of my approach as "commando photography". I use a Canon 50D with 28-135mm IS USM, and a Canon G12, both of which suit my mobile approach. I consider my bike and feet essential parts of my photography process. I make my own prints using an Epson Stylus Photo 2200, Epson papers, and Epson ink.


  1. Shapes out of Context

  2. “Portraits of an Intimate Nature”

  3. Water

  4. Trees

  5. Projections:

  6. -Reflections

  7. -Shadows

  8. -Silhouettes

1964 Born, Maryland USA

Have lived in numerous cities/countries:  USA, Germany, USSR, UK and France. Since 2005, Stuttgart


  1. 2014 (ongoing) – Foto Sucht Bild/Photo Seeks Painting (joint) | Der Kunstclub, Leonberg-Stuttgart Germany

  2. 2012 – Works | Samariterstift, Leonberg-Stuttgart Germany

  3. 2011 – October | Your Amiga Private Gallery, Sindelfingen Germany

  4. 2011 – YMages | ArtHaus, Vaihingen-Stuttgart Germany

  5. 2009 – ExtraOrdinary / Alles Außer Gewöhnlich (solo) | Der Kunstclub, Leonberg-Stuttgart Germany

Award-Winning Images

Publications & Misc.

  1. Winter Thorns, image licensed for textbook cover, 2009

  2. Review of solo show, 2009

  3. Misc: Stock photography examples

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